What I Learned While Fly Fishing Naked - Tom Jirsa

For centuries fly fishers have been using the same basic techniques. It is time for a change - up. So

one brisk autumn day Frank Larson and I headed for a high mountain lake to check out my new fly

fishing system. I had tied two identical” Larson Ultimate” flies that I had originated several seasons ago

and that has taken many hundreds of trout. One fly was tied on a number 12 hook and the other was tied

“Naked,” that is, without a hook. My vision was a large trout taking the Naked fly and holding it tightly

to net.

Something entirely different happened. The Naked fly acted as “ chum” attracting a school of

trout that would mob the Naked fly and would hold it for a short time while totally ignoring the fly with

a hook being fished through the school by Frank.

I learned that fish shy from hooks and adore the fly tiers efforts to be kind. Perhaps tiers should do

a better job of hiding the hook if they want to catch more fish.

I will continue trying to net a trout on a ‘Naked” fly. Wish me luck.

Tom Jirsa

27 August 2019

(member of the Dubuque Fly Fishers)

The “Ultimate” Stripper by: Tom Jirsa

It happened at a small, secluded lake hidden high in the Colorado Rockies - they called it the

ultimate performance. Dressed in a feathered boa, a Chenille bodysuit and a flowing fluorescent yellow

skirt the petite blond attracted a large group of admirers. They tugged at the boa until it broke loose,

then they unraveled the bodysuit. All that remained was the flowing fluorescent skirt and a blond head.

I have determined that it is the flowing fluorescent skirt that “turns on” the trout. I designed the “

Ultimate” trout fly two years ago and it has become the only trout fly used by several of my friends.

You may tie the dressed version or the stripped version with equal catching success.

The recipe for the “Ultimate” fly design is as follows.

Hook: 12-14

Head: 1/8 gold bead

Hackle: Feather of your choice tied as the boa

Body: Kreinik Micro Ice Chenille #17

Tail: Kreinik fluorescent yellow six strand thread,

tied 1/4 “ beyond the hook bend as the skirt

“ Fly fishing - the sexy sport”

August 2019

(member of the Dubuque Fly Fishers)

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