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Dubuque Fly Fishers


Caddis Emerger / Cripple

Tyer: Gary Woerdehoff

Hook: Curved caddis larva hook #14-20

Thread: Match color of fly or black

Body/Shuck: Z-lon, Antron

Wing: Deer or elk hair

Hackle: Dry fly quality


1. Start thread 1/4 of hook length behind eye and proceed to bend.

2. Tie in Z-lon/Antron leaving "shuck" protrude past hook bend.

3. Twist material into a rope and wind in close turns to where thread stops and tie off.

4. Tie hair in caddis style.

5. Tie in hackle and make 2-3 turns.

6. Tie off. Thin shuck and trim length if required.

Note: Use white antron and color match insects with permanent marker - only color bottom for better visibility. On stream cut off tail for adult caddis. Tie more upright wing to suggest mayfly - shuck now becomes tail. Only dress wing and hackle and sink shuck to imitate cripple/emergent caddis.