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Lance's Worm

Tyer: Byron Bohnen

Hook: TMC 300 #6

Thread: Match body color

Head: Cone bead

Tail: Chenille marabou

Hackle: Marabou

Weedguard: 50 lb. mono


Lance Zook had the instructions for this worm in the "The Flvline" July/August 1999 issue. The instructions for the tall assembly was in the "The Flyline" March/April issue. I have modified the pattern by shortening it. The tail has to be made first.

1. Place a large sewing needle in your vise. Sharp end extending about 1/2" from jaws of the vise.

2. Place 2" of the appropriate color chenille on top of the needle. The tail end of the chenille should be on the point. The other end should be placed on the vice. Tie down and whip finish.

3. Pull a clump of marabou from the stem and tie with the tips av,%,a%- fom the chenille. Whip finish.

4. Slide the tail off of the needle and Zap-a-gap the joint. Set it to the side.

5. Place a Cone bead on the hook and place 'in the vice.

6. Tie on the weedguard material at the bend of the hook.

7. Place the tall on the hook about two bead lengths from the eye of the hook and tie it down.


. Pull clumps of marabou from the stem and place them on the chenille on top and on the bottom of the hook. Don't squeeze the bead head to the eye of the hook.

9. Secure the weedguard material in front of tile bead. Head cement it down.