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Dubuque Fly Fishers


Dragon Fly

Tyer: Byron Bohnen

Thread: White monocord

Body: Foam, 1/4" closed cell

Thorax: Furry Foam

Tail: Extended bodies

Wing: Krystal Flash

Legs: Nylon Medium


Bill Sherer of "We Tie It" in Boulder Junction, Wisconsin

1. Hook: Dal-Riki 270,size 6

2. Wrap the heavy white thread on the hook shank. Start 1/8" away from the hook eye and wind back 3/8 of an inch. Wind two layers. This will give the legs and the wings a good base.

3. Legs: Tie the medium size nylon thread on under the hook shank using the figure 8 wrap. These add some support to the wings. They also make the fly look neat.

4. Wings: About 12 strands of Krystal Flash for the wings. Tie these on top of the hook shank above the legs.

5. Tall: Extended commercial bodies are the best. Green, black or olive are used the most.

6. Thorax: Furry foam is tied in at the tail and wrapped to hook eye. Tie off and palmer thread back to tail again.

7. Body: Close cell foam, 1/4" deep. Cut into strips of 3/8". Tie in at the tail. Wrap thread forward. Lay the foam down on top of the hook and whip finish.

8. Using permanent markers color the body and head. When casting a wind resistant fly such as the Dragon Fly maybe a swivel should be used.