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Dubuque Fly Fishers


Cased Caddis

Tyer: David Canny

Hook: M7957b #10

Underbody: copper wire

Body: hare's ear

Head: copper wire

Note: I use a 9" piece of copper wire and start at the bend. Holding the wire with both hands, the left, with half the wire above the bend and right, with the other half below. I wrap the wire forward with the right hand, bringing the wire under and around again and again to within 1 mm from the eye of the hook. I cut it off and super glue the winds to the hook shank. Once the wraps are secure I coat the wire with wax, dub with hares' ear, natural color is my preference, and wrap forward to within 2 mm of the eye. I secure with two half hitches and cut the wire. The wire I use is essex 14 AWG type THHN, which is a multiple stranded electrical wire.