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Crippled Caddis

Tyer: Craig Koppes

Hook: M94840 #18-20

Thread: Black 8/0

Shuck: Black Antron Yarn Fibers (sparse)

Rib: Fine Copper Wire

Body: Beaver Underfur (dark)

Wing: Natural Gray Deer Hair

Note: This pattern is designed to simulate a "Black Caddis" with the pupal casing still attached (stuck in the shuck). The no-hackle pattern allows the fly to rest in the film, not on top, a characteristic that I believe also adds to it's success.

Tying Tips: Use only a sparse amount of Antron, a dozen fibers or less, and trim to hook shank length. Tie the wing in "stubby style," not to exceed the bend of the hook. If the wing is a bit long, not to worry, it will still catch fish!

Fishing Tips: This fly does "ride low" making it hard to see. A hook-set to a rise in the area you believe the fly to be will often find you hooked-up. I fish this fly dead the several casts. If dead drifting fails, I will skitter the fly with a quick, short, back and forth movement of the rod tip.