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Solf Hackle Wooly Bugger

Tyer: Brian Larson

Hook: M9672 or TMC5263 #2-16

Thread: Black 6/0

Weight: 8-10 wraps of lead wire

Tail: Black rabbit fur

Underbody: Black Purrr-fect Punch Yarn

Body: See below

Hackke: Two webby hen hackles

Note: Material

Weight: Eight to ten wraps of lead wire (I actually use 12 wraps of lead wire the diameter of the hook shank)

Tail: Short tuft, about half the shank length of black rabbit fur (I take mine off Zonker strips)

Underbody: Black Purrr-fect Punch yard, to form a tapered foundation over the lead(I have never found this yarn and do not use an underbody. Instead I use more body material to fill in)

Body: Black dubbing blend of two parts rabbit and one part antron (Hair-tron?). The body is done in two stages. The first third is done and the hackling done, then the front two-thirds is wrapped and the second hackle palmered in. Basically, hen hackle does not come long enough to do this in one stage an it would be hard to have the small and larger hackle on one stem

Hackle: Two webby grizzly hen hackles. The first is hook gap size, very hard to find this small. The second is 1 1/2 hook gap size. I usually end up with marabou type plumes at the head. Brush this out with a stiff nylon-bristle brush made from a tooth brush (cut sides off so there are only two rows of bristles and cut bristles to half their original length or there is a gun cleaning brush that is like this) or a Velcro brush.

Try an orange tail too or play with other color combinations.