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Bunny Fly

Type: Streamer

Tyer: Dave Felland

Hook: Mustad 9672 #4-8

Thread: To match body

Tail: End of rabbit strip to be wound as body

Body: Rabbit strip (black, ginger, white, yellow, orange, or red); weighted

Note: Originally designed for bass, this simple pattern has been adopted by legions of fly fishers in Alaska. A gray Bunny Fly was shown to Steve Johnson of Talaview Lodge by a client from the Orange County California Fly Fishers in the early 1980's. Steve remembers that the fly out fished every other pattern tried during that week on the lower Talachulitna River. Steve obtained a copy, started tying it in different colors (his favorite is yellow) and shared the bunny fly with many flyfishers including Club member Bill Comfort. Bill demonstrated the Bunny fly to the Alaska Flyfishers at the July, 1985 meeting--it seemed to come into general use shortly thereafter. It can be tied in a wide array of colors ahd has been found effective in vitualy all freshwater sport fish in the state. Fish this fly near the bottom to simulate sculpin (ginger color), decaying salmon flesh (orange and white), or leech (black and brown). Red, orange, yellow, or chartreuse Bunnies are excellent for wild steelhead on Kenai Peninsula, southeast Alaska, Kodiak Island, and Alaskan Peninsula streams.

Hackle: Grizzly