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Dubuque Fly Fishers



Tyer: Frank Potter

Type: Nymph

Hook: Wet hook #12 - nice if barbless

Bead Head: Silver

Lead wire: wire size is the diameter of the hook

Thread: Light colored or mono

Body: Antelope fur

Rib: Gold or silver thin tinsel (as long as it shows segments)

Thorax: light tan seal (seal is ideal - translucent) or white fur


1. Put bead on hook.

2.Tie in lead wire at bend and wrap to bead head.

3.Tie in for tail about six strands of antelope fur protruding 1/4 length of body.

4.Tie in at bend the tip of a gold 3" length of tinsel.

5.With fur on thread at bend wrap to bead head.

6.Wrap tinsel in several segments to bead head (Can pick out for a little for legs if desired).

7.Tie off and cement.