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Quill Gordon Wet Fly (Var.)

Tyer: Don Cox

Type: Wet

Tail/Wing: Barred Wood Duck Flank

Body: Striped Peacock Eye or Quill

Hackle/Beard: Medium Dun Body Wet Fly Feather

Comments: Original pattern called for married quills for wing, but the variation I chose was wood duck to match the tail and simplify the tie process. I have had good luck on these fishing just below a mayfly hatch or used as a searching pattern when the surface hatch is not happening. I would really suggest you give swinging wets a serious try. My experience has been, in general, better sized fish as a whole.. Several floats in and below a riffle has served me well. . . not much luck dead drifting holding water unless you impart some action to the fly with some weight. An internet search of classsic wet flies, will have a lot of hits. Also, a search of Davie McPhail on Utube will show some neat and pretty patterns that will give you some different techniques in fly tying. To me, the classic old flies are interesting as some history is included on some of the hits on some of the sites.

Listed below are some of the other classic wets that have done well for me and most are quick and simple ties with few materials per fly:

Wickhams Fancy

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Soft hackle wet hare's ear

Have fun and give them an honest chance.