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Western Coachman

Tyer: Frank Potter

Type: Dry

Hook: Dry #10-16

Tail: Golden Pheasant tippet

Rib: Fine gold wire

Body: Peacock herl

Wing: White deer hair

Hackle: Coachman brown neck or saddle

Instructions: Wrap thread back to gap.

Tie in wire at gap.

Thie in pheasant tippets with length as long as the hook shank (with last tie in pull thread forward under tail to slightly lift it).

Tie in two bent-in-two peacock herls (thus making four strands).

Wrap herl forward and tie down at this mark.

Tie in and wrap hackle leaving room for wing.

Stack deer hair with length ending at end of bend tie in.

Whip FInish.

Notes: Designed by Bud Buszek after Roal Coachman of orvic Co. or 1878. Orvis used the model designed in the 1830's by the sage coach driver for the Royal Family in England. The darker brown continues today as Coachman brown.

Source: Flyfisher Autumn 2013-2014.