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Bass Popper

Tyer: Marlin DeWeerdt

Type: Popper (Bass)

Hook: Mustad 33903, #2. This hook has a V shape bend in the shank to keep the foam body from rotating

Thread: Black. I used black for every popper color. More important is a heavy thread

Tail: Neck Hackle. I used neck hackle of various colors. I am getting pink for smallmouth. I used at least five fibers from the base of the neck. If you have threaded hackle, use a shorter one. In the tail, I put at least 8 strands of flash-a-boo accent or crystal flash. I used red, silver, or copper. My favorite is red. Any color I am sure is OK.

Collar: I used one of the longest fibers from the neck hackle that is also used in the tail. If you have tied hackle, I would use a longer one.

Body: Popper #4 from Mike Jacobs. I use black, yellow, and chartreuse. If I could get pink, I would definitely use it for small mouth.

Note: The hook has a long shank. Try placing the body, etc., at different locations. I like it quite a way back from the hook eye. Different placement will give different results when popping the popper on the water. Try close the the front, middle, and way back on the shank