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Very Bi-visible

Tyer: Frank Potter

Type: Dry

Hook: Mustad #12

Thread: Brown

Tail: Brown

Body: Peacock herl

Hackle: brown and grizzly or white

Instructions: After laying down brown thread, strip a brown feather and tie about five fibers in for a tail. The tail should be as long as the shank. At the bend, tie in a brown feather and leave loose. Then bend a strand of peacock herl so you have two overlapping strands. Tie them in front of the feather and wrap forward around the length of the shank leaving room to tie the fly off. Then return thread to wrap the brown feather and then the move thread forward and tie in a grizzly feather. (If you want greater visibility, then tie in a white feather instead.) Note the finished fly has a gap between the two feathers. Cement.

Notes: The bi-visible is a go-to fly in streams and ponds. Its effectiveness, I think, is because it stays high, floats easily, and must look buggy from below. My version, the Very bi, is to leave a gap between the feathers which suggests a distracted mating couple to the trout.