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Gorilla Glue Ant

Tyer: John Channon

Type: Dry (terrestrial)

Hook: Mustad 3366 #12-14

Body: Gorilla Glue

Legs: small round black rubber or small yellow centipede

Thread: 8 or 10 black

Color: black or red permanent marker

Note: Body. . .When working with glue, place a small amount on wax paper. Using a bodkin needle dipped in water, stir the glue until it turns opaque in color (*You need water to activate the glue). Place 2 drips on the hook. Turn the hook over and let the glue hang to dry.

*Amount of water is determined by the amount of glue. Practice with it.

*Gorilla Glue (Precision Glue pen) (Dries white 2x faster)

*I found forceps work well to hold hook.