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Dubuque Fly Fishers


Adams Cripple

Tyer: Lou Meier

Type: Dry

Hook: TMC 100, #12-20

Shuck: Zelon, olive or brown

Hackle: Brown for Adams or Dun for Baetis and PMD's

Wing: EP fibers, Zelon or poly yarn

Note: Attach tying thread and secure a shuck of Zelon slightly shorter than the body length. Dub a thin body up to the wing position. Tie on a length of EP fibers, Zelon, or poly yarn facing out over the hook eye. Stand the wing up with thread wraps at the front of the wing. Trim the butts of the wing but leave a short length behind the thread wraps behind the wing and two warps in front of the wing. Tie off, whip finish, and trip the bottom of the hackle even with the hook point.