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Tyer: Byron Bohnen

Type: Jig

Hook: Mustad Stinger hook 37187 Size 6

Bead: 3/16 Copper Colored

Lead: 0.35

Tail: Marabou White and Black

Rubber Legs: Your choice of colors

Body: Ice Chenille Copper colored

Thread: 6/0 color to match

Tying Instructions:

1. Crimp the barb down and slide the bead on.

2. Wrap 12 windings of heavy lead and push it forward up to the bead.

3. Put just enough thread on behind the lead and over the lead to keep it from moving. The hook point is going to ride in the up position in the water. This lead will act as the ballast in a boat to keep the heavy hook shank riding down in the water.

4. With the hook in the vise with the shank up, tie in the Black Marabou, then the White marabou on top if it. The black will be up and white down when the fly is in the water.

5. Strp some chenille off of the core and tie in at the bend of the hook. Let it hang in your material clip.

6. Tie the rubber legs, even spaced, on the hook shank.

7. Wind the Chenille forward to the bead and tie off. Make sure the legs are positioned where you want them when wrapping the chenille.

Notes: This fly, "The Tequila" was give to me by Wendy Williamson of Hayward Wisconsin. Wendy owns the Hayward Fly Fishing Company with he husband, Larry. They both guide for Muskies and Smallmouth in the Hayward area. Wendy said the Tequila is a grea Smallmouth bass fly. I have fished the Tequila in Chequamegon Bay for the super large smallmouths. It has worked. The smallies will come off of their Redds to get it. I have also fished it in the Flambeau Flowage. It is too heavy to be fished as a dropper but fished as a streamer in the heavy current it has worked well for me. I believe the best attributes of this fly are the undulating rubber legs and the pulsating marabou tail.