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Dubuque Fly Fishers


Pink Squirrel

Tyer: Frank Larson

Type: Jig

Hook: My favorite is a #14 scud hook but they are expensive so I use Mustad 3906 #12.

Tail: Use 1/8" V of crystal flash. I have used several colors, but rainbow #13 is good, as are yellow or light purple.

Rib: I use medium red copper salvaged from electronic flourescent light ballasts. It's not a critical element. Medium gold, copper, or silver is fine.

Dubbing: Fox squirrel body hair off the back and sides. Shave them close to get the under fur which is gray to mix with the multi-hued guard hair. With this hair I blend amber antron chopped 1/4-1/2" in length. Lately I've been adding some chopped Ice dubbing to the blend, but go easy on this. You want to keep any flash subtle.

Dollar: Use 1-/12 wrap of medium coral pink chenille. Sometimes I tie smaller and larger pink squirrels from #18 to #6. For these I use a smaller or larger bead and chenille. The smaller ones usually require a light dry fly hook.

Thread: I use navy blue 000 Cortichelli belding thrad. I bought a 1/2 pound spool of it 10 yeaqrs ago at a garage sale for 50 cents. I like the way it handles so I use it. Pretty much any thread will do.

Dubbing wax: I make my own. There are all kinds of dubbing waxes on the market. Most of them don't work well for tying with hard hair dubbing. I mix toilet ring seal was with bees wax and put it into chapstick containers. It does the job.