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Dubuque Fly Fishers


Parachute Adams

Type: Dry

Tyer: Dave Tipple

Hook: #16 Mustad 94840

Thread: 8/0 Olive Unithread

Post: 1 inch White Zelon

Tail: Three Microfibetts, Light Dun

Body: Blue wing olive superfine dubbing

Hackle: Choice of color dry-fly hackle


1. Crimp hook barb.

2. Start thread a hook-eye distance behind the eye. Wind back 1/2 shaft length.

3. Fold ends of Zelon together. Position loop end over hook-eye, ends over bend.

4. Tie down on top, working toward hook-eye. Stop winding forward and lift loop up at a point about 1/3 hook shaft length behind hook-eye. Wind thread in front of the loop to help hold upward.

5. Wind thread up the loop to form a small post area.

6. Wind thread to the bend and form a small dubbed bump at start ofthe bend. Tie in three Microfibetts, tips rear-ward. Trim off extra of Microfibetts butts.

7. Dub thread forward to back of post. Wind un-dubbed thread in front of the post. Tie in the hackle with the tip of the feather towards hook barb.

8. Wind hackle counter-clockwise up the post with the first wrap at top of post. Wrap 2 or 3 times down the post, under the previous wrap. Stop the last wrap 90 degrees before the hook-eye.

9. Hold the hackle feather in this position with your right hand. Reach over with your left hand to stroke the collar fibers up and back toward the hook bend.

10. Continue wrapping the hackle with your right hand to a point over the hook-eye. Gain control of the hackle with your left hand, maintaining all collar fibers. Use your right hand to wrap several times over hackle. Trim off remaining hackle and any trapped fibers. Apply a small amount of dubbing on thread and dub area under collar. Whip finish behind hook eye.