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Floating Nymph

Type: Nymph

Tyer: Frank Potter

Hook: (M) 94840 or 94833

Size: 16-18

Thread: Olive 6/0

Tail: Light Gray or Olive Hackle

Body: Olive Brown Fur

Legs: Light Cream Hackle

Thorax: Dark Olive Brown Fur

Wing Case: Medium Grayish Olive ball of fur


1. Tie in five hackile fibers at the bend of the hook for the tail

2. Lift the thread up and forward to splay the balck of the tail

3. Dub a tapered body 2/3 up the shank of the hook

4. Dub grayish olive fur on thread and work into tight ball. Slide the ball on top of the thorasx area and tie the ball in front and back.

5. Tie in cream colored legs on both sidesin front of ball. Add drop of cement to the ball base and let it flow back under th ball of fur.

6. Dub dark oive brown fur for the thorax.

Notes: This emerger patern baswically follows Mike Lawson't dir4ections offered in the book Mayflies, the Angler and the Trout by Fred Arbona, Jr. The dubbed ball represents the unfolding wings of the nymph fust before the nymph becomes a dun. Fish it on the surface during the Baetis hatch. Tying the wing case (the ball) is the challenge. IT never seems to form the same way twice in a row. (However, the fly is great so well worth it.) I normally use dark mink hair with the guard hairs removed to create a tight ball. for the wing case. I think the darkness is the key more than the color of the wing case.