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Crackback Dry Woolly

Type: Dry

Tyer: Gary Kruse

Originator: Ed Story

Variation: Garylee Thurm

Hook: (M)94840 or (DR)300, size 10-14

Thread: 8/0 Black

Body: Pale Olive Flyrite $41 & Peacock herl

Hackle: Furnace Saddle


1. Tie saddle hackle in my the butt dull side facing you

2. Tie in two strands of peacock herl on top of the hook shank

3. Dub the body.

4. Pull 2 strands of peacock over the top of body

5. Palmer saddle hackle forward.

6. Tie it off.

Notes: The Crackleback dry fly was originated by Ed Story at Feather-Craft in the mid 1950's. DFF member Gary Arner from Iowa City has had good luck with this pattern. He sent the recipe to me and gave me the fly that I used as a pattern, which is very similar to the pattern in HFFA's Fly Patterns for the Midwest, except he uses "a thin body with your choice of thread" under the peacock herl. This version is the one from HFFA's Fly Patterns for the Midwest submitted by Garylee THurm and is available online at www.hawkeyeflyfishing.com I tied mine with a tan thread body and used a Fenwick barless #14 dry fly hook. Some people use a dubbed body or green holographic tinsel for the body. I tied mine on standard length dry fly hook, but some of the ones I've seen pictured seemed to be tied on a 2XL long hook.
Fish it dry on the surface film using a dead drift.