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Spent Wing Beetle

Type: Dry

Hook: 2x long dry fly size 10

Thread: Black 6/0

Eyes: Small Rainy's Float Foam (Yellow or Orange)

Body: Medium Rainy's float Foam (Black)

Legs: Fine synthetic legs

More Stuff: Super glue to secure the eyes and body to the hook


1: Start the thread on the hook. Tie a short length of the small foam just behind the hook eye using a series of figure-eight wraps. Gradually increase the thread pressure when tying the foam into the hook.

2: Trim the eyes to length andapply a little superblue between the eyes and along the hook shank

3: Cut a 1-inch-long piece of the medium foam.

4: Taper each end of the foam to the middle with your scissors. We'll use this shaped piece of foam to make the body of the fly.

5: Split one of the wedge-shaped pieces of foam. We'll eventually use this to form the wings.

6: Wrap the thread to the middle of the hook shank. Fold the body foam in half with the tapered sides facing together; place the front of the foam body behind the eyes and make several wraps around the body. Lift the front of the body and advance the thread along the shank halfway to the eyes.

7: Make several more thread wraps around the body. Advance the thread to behind the eyes and tie off the front of the foam. Apply a drop of superglue along the bottom of the body. If the rear portion of the body opens slightly, squeeze the foam together until the glue dries.

8: Position the base of the wings behind the eyes. Secure the wings in place with several thread wraps and a small drop of superglue.

9: Tie on the legs. Tie off the thread and clip. A tiny spot of black paint in the center of each eye completes the Spent-Wing Beetle.

Tyer: Mike Jozefowicz