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Tier: Lou Meier

No tying instructons are available. If anyone can provide them, please e-mail, Dick Sisco. The following is a fly with the same name, but it may not be the one pictured.

Type: Nymph

Hook: TMC 3761

Thread: To match the natural

Tail: Hackle fibers or Coq de Leon

Rib: Fine gold wire (optional)

Hackle: Hen neck, to match the natural

Body: Hare dubbing to match the natural, spiky

Note: This wingless wet is becoming more popular in the U.S. with Dave Hughes' book Wet Flies. I tie the fly differently than Hughes suggests, however. Dub the rear 2/3 of the shank, then tie in the hackle by the tip. Dub ahead to form the thorax. Wrap the hackle forward in two or three open spirals, then make two or three touching wraps behind the eye. Tie off, and trim. If a rib is desired (which makes the fly more durable), counter wrap it over the body and through the hackle as the final step. It is effectively fished dead drift using a dropper/dry rig.

Source: Hans Weilenmann