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Dubuque Fly Fishers


Silver Surfer

Type: Streamer

Hook: Mustad 9671 #6

Thread: Black 6/0

Head: Black Glass bead - large

Body: Silver Mylar tubing - small diameter

Eyes: Silver bead chain - large

Tail: White marabou/Krystal Flash

Tied by: Doug Nauman

Note: 1. Cut mylar tubing 3" and remove core

2. Fold and crease tubing in middle

3. Mount blass bead on hook

4. Mount tubing on hook through middle of crease, fold forward and clamp out of the way

5. Mount hook in vise and tie bead chain eyes on against the tubing using figure 8 wraps - superglue

6. Wrap hook shank solid with thread even with hook barb

7. Tie on marabou tail about 1" long

8. Tie 4-6 strands of Krystal flash on each side

9. Loosely pull top tubing back over eyes and tie

10. Invert hook or rotate vise and repeat with other tubing

11. Tie off and superglue

12. Trim both tubing ends to about 3/8"

13. Tease apart ends of tubing with dubbing needle

14. With hook bend and point up in vise, paint the top tibing with black Sharpie pen

15. When dry apply head cement or clear fingernail polish over black tube.