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Panny Popper

Type: Dry (popper)

Hook: Mustad 94840 size 10

Thread: White, 6/0

Tail: Yellow maribou feather and 8 or 9 strans Flashabou

Foam: 1/4" wide strip of foam

Hancke: Brown hackle

Body: 3" yellow chenille


1. Tie in flashabou

2. Tie in stripped maribou

3. Tie in foam by tapered end by tail tie-in point

4. Tie in hackle at same point

5. Tie in chenille. Wrap forward, stop one eye width before hook eye. Clip off excess.

6. Wrap hackle forward to same pint, clip excess.

7. Clip all top hackle fibers.

8. Pull foam forward over top of chenille. Tie down foam, whip finish the head.

9. Trim excess of foam.