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Mueller's BWO Emerger

Type: Emerger

Thread: 8/0 Olive (or Rusty Dun)

Hook: TMC 2487 (or 2488)

Shuck: Brown sparkle yarn

Ribbing: Fine gold wire (or copper)

Abdomen: Olive beaver underfur (or awesome possum)

Wing Pads: Muskrat underfur cut from hide and divided. Fairly short.

Thorax: Olive beaver underfur (or brown superfine)

Tier: Dave Kemp

Notes: This is a lot like a Shillingslaw Emerger, which is one of my favorite BWO pattersn. My changes which are in parenteses make it more like the Shillingslaw. I think it could also be tied darker as a lot of bwo shucks are almost black in the water. Some black marabou might work well as the shuck.

-This is a new fly that is not in Ross's two important Midwest books (Midwest Flies That Catch Trout--and how to fish them, and Flyfishing Midwestern Spring Creeks)_. I would recommend these books (Mike Jacobs has them) to anyone new to the Midwest. I think my own "catching" experineces changed when I began to fish with Ross's flies.