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Dubuque Fly Fishers


Kaufmann's Stone

Type: Jig

Hook: TMC200R, size 12

Head: 1/8" copper bead

Weight: 8-12 wraps .015 lead wire or nontoxic substitute

Thread: 3/0 Black

Antennae And Tail: black goose biots

Rib: Stretch Magic 0.5 black

Body: mixture of red and black Hareline, peacock Life Cycle nymph, and Spirit Rivere LIte Bright dark olive dubbing

Wubgcase: Wapsi Thin Skin, mottled oak natural

Legs: Small black round rubber

Tier: C. J. Klenske


1. Pinch the barb down and slide on the copper bead. Wrap the wire weight behind the bead, and push it into the back of the bead. Cover it with thread and build a tapered section behind the bead.

2. Tie in two biots just behind the bead, not too tightly or they will flare outward at a sharp angle. Wrap the thread back to the hook bend, and build a small ball of thread to split the tails. Tie in two biots, and wrap forward to build an underbody.

3. Tie in a length of Stretch Magic and wrap back to the hook bend.

4. Dub in a tapered abdomen, counterwrap the Stretch Magic over it, tie it off and trim the waste.

5. Move the thread into the center of the thorax area and tie in the rubber legs. Move the thread back behind the legs. Dub in the throax, wrapping over the legs, and to jsut behind the bead.

6. Cut a thin length of Thin Skin ot form the two-part wingcase. Notch both ends, fold it to form the wingcase, and tie in just behind the beadhead. Whip finish and apply head cement.

Notes: Dead drift the fly with an indicator or tight line presentation. Works grean in a deep pool, going into a riffle, or just below a riffle.