P.O. Box 1181, Dubuque, Iowa 52004-1181

Dubuque Fly Fishers


Disco Beetle

Tyer: Jack Lovell

Hook: TMC 2487 #10-20

Thread: Orange or Black Flymaster Plus

Underbody: Peacock herl

Body: Orange Foam

Wing: Flash-A-Boo


1. Wrap thread to front of hook, slightly behind the eye.

2. Tie in two peacock herls at the front fo hook, slighlty behind the eye.

3. Wrap herls to slighlty below the curve of the hook abd back up to the eye and tie off.

4. Tie on an orange foam circle one third behind ofthe way back.

5. Tie on the Flash-A-Bou legs, three on each side.

6. Bring thread up to the eye from the bottom and tie off.

7 Trim legs.