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Tyer: Dick Saylor

Hook: M94840 or Dai-Riki 300 #12

Thread: Black 6/0 or 8/0

Hackle: slighlty oversize furnace or ginger

Rib: Dorsal rib ov peocock herl


This is an interesting little fly I found very useful on the Meramec River in southwest Missouri. I learned of this fly while visiting a neat little fly-shop in St. Louis. The tier claimed that the bows and browns had been "tearing this fly apart." He was right.

The crackleback is easiest fished in a moderate current. Fish it untreated on floating line with a 5x tippet. Cast it across the current and let it drag. When the fly starts into the bend of the drag, give a sharp tug and pull it under. Let it hang in the current for a count of 20 or so. Fish hit most often on the "swing" and when the fly is hanging in the current below you.

You can also dress it and fish it dry. It is also very effective to skitter this fly across the surface. It's a very simple tie, only taking 3-4 minutes.

Tying Instructions: Tie in at hook shank; tie m furnace or ginger hackle with the dull side facing you; tie in 2-3 strands of peacock herl sticking out back of hook shank (on top). Pinch dub and wrap body to just behind the eye. Pull strands of peacock over top of fly body (like the dorsal fin of a fish) and tie in behind the eye. Cut away excess herl. Make 4-5 palmer wraps of hackle up to the eye and tie in. Cut away waste and whip finish head of fly.